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Sundays at 10am

Connecting your story to Jesus

– Come –

We Invite you to “1st day” where each week you experience the living presence of God  in a way that enables you to; Consider his love for you, where you have an opportunity to begin and develop a Committed  relationship with him through Jesus Christ, and where He enables you to Change those things in your life that are holding you back from the freedom, joy, and potential you were designed to experience.

– Connect –

We are all about connections. We Connect with Jesus through spirit-filled passionate worship, the verse by verse teaching of God’s word, the Communion of remembrance and building a Community of deep friendships that enable us to go the distance with success.

– Celebrate –

Your story is one of a kind, and you are uniquely designed to fulfill a purpose that is beyond what you have ever dreamed. As a church, we celebrate people and we are called to Coach your skills, Challenge you to greatness and Create opportunities for you to reach your kingdom destiny.

Life awaits you at the river.